From monthly to weekly working group

We are excited to have a working group after the 3rd workshop that started out as monthly and two months later turned into weekly because we want to move things forward. First items are to survey the current state of sustainability education across our network and to elicit the industry & municipalities/government need for support in sustainability education.

Members are in no particular order (copied from our call notes):

  • Colin Venters
  • Birgit Penzenstadler
  • Ana Moreira
  • Tom Crick
  • Ian Brooks
  • Shola Oyedeji
  • Anne-Kathrin Peters
  • Rafael Capilla
  • Claudia Melo
  • Jari Porras
  • Leticia Duboc
  • Sam Mann
  • Patricia Lago
  • Rogardt Heldal
  • Joao Paulo
  • Ola Leifler
  • Stefanie Betz
  • Norbert Seyff
  • Vlad Coroama
  • Elina Eriksson
  • Daniel Pargman

Third International Workshop on ICT4S Education 2020

Due to this workshop (together with the rest of the conference) going online, the previous focus on games and play will be postponed to another workshop, instead we will host an informal gathering of researchers and educators interested in ICT4S education, discuss the current situation, share ideas and plan for the future.

Peak Oil the board game, might be one game to explore during the workshop.

This workshop is a meeting place for educators who are, or want to, integrate sustainability in computing education. The workshop this year will be a playground to test a few games around sustainability suitable for the classroom as well as presenting some far-out-there, provocative, or against-the-flow ideas of how to make sustainability education more prevalent, more integrated, or more interactive and playful, such that students are excited to engage.

This year we specifically call for short presentations speculating about games that you are interested in trying out (but maybe haven’t yet) and wild ideas on potential fun interactions in the classroom. You are still welcome to submit anything else on integrating sustainability into computing education. We will share the submissions amongst participants but there will be no proceedings.

In between presentations, we will moderate and try out a few exemplary systems thinking and climate change playbook games; this way we can experience the games ourselves before trying them with students, and discuss what can potentially go wrong and how that could be mitigated. In addition, we would like to invite you to bring (card) games if not too large for all to explore and try.


  1. Submit speculation about games and fun interactions 
  2. Or anything on integrating sustainability into computing education; by April 15 (easychair)
  3. Bring (card) games if not too large for all to explore and try;
  4. We will try out some climate change playbook games;
  5. We might try to draft “Cards against Sustainability”.

CompSusEd workshop at ICT4S conference

The Second International Workshop on Computing+Sustainability+Education (CompSusEd’19) was held at the ICT4S conference in Lappeenranta Finland on 15th of June 2019. In this workshop a community for education aspects on ICT for sustainability was founded in a form of this blog space. You may contact the administrators (see About tab) of this community to become a new member. Our aim is to collect and share experiences, good approaches etc. on educating sustainability issues in ICT programmes in different education levels.