From monthly to weekly working group

We are excited to have a working group after the 3rd workshop that started out as monthly and two months later turned into weekly because we want to move things forward. First items are to survey the current state of sustainability education across our network and to elicit the industry & municipalities/government need for support in sustainability education.

Members are in no particular order (copied from our call notes):

  • Colin Venters
  • Birgit Penzenstadler
  • Ana Moreira
  • Tom Crick
  • Ian Brooks
  • Shola Oyedeji
  • Anne-Kathrin Peters
  • Rafael Capilla
  • Claudia Melo
  • Jari Porras
  • Leticia Duboc
  • Sam Mann
  • Patricia Lago
  • Rogardt Heldal
  • Joao Paulo
  • Ola Leifler
  • Stefanie Betz
  • Norbert Seyff
  • Vlad Coroama
  • Elina Eriksson
  • Daniel Pargman

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